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Marck Knitwear

Identity, structure and Integrated brand communications, to introduce this maker of classic style Prȇt-à-Porter knitwear from obscurity and into the marketplace.

Far from being the domain of little old ladies sitting around a fireplace knitting a baby’s bonnet or a pair of gloves, the craft of knitting by hand is highly skilled and carried out my some very talented young knitwear designers and producers. The production of classic styled knitwear from the mid 20th century is very popular with fashionistas who crave the ‘vintage look’. The objective was to create an iconic brand marque that would position the business as a luxury brand, and in doing so, take the craft out into the mainstream, shedding the perception it has unfairly gained over the years.

Full research and analysis helped to guide the project to fruition and completion, including art direction and location photography, a strategic advertising campaign, and responsive digital media, were produced as part of the projects commission. Elements included the brand signature, stationary, swing tickets, and Look book.

The next collection is being developed that will expand the business and it’s use of the brand signature.